"Vega sliced cherry peppers are just the best , nothing compares , it still makes me feel good when i call a company and an actual person answers the phone ....there are not
To many companies that can still say they give such personal customer service . My customers love it when i give them a little side of cherry peppers for their grinders at my restaurant .

Thank you for making such a great product"


Supreme pizza, CT


"Dear Mr. Christofaro

Many years ago i canned my own peppers, in oil with other ingredients, but always wound up with second degree burns on my hands and under my nail beds no matter how hard i tried to overcome the problem of this occurring.

Several years ago i discovered vega brand hot peppers in oil at my local discount store and was thrilled to death to find a product that seemed as close as i could get to my own. Well, i wasn't disappointed they are delicious and have let everyone i know that the vega brand is the best i found so far.

Not too long ago i couldn't get vega brand at my local store that i had been purchasing them from, so i frantically got in touch with your company and was treated very courteously and quickly go an answer as to what products i could purchase and the price.

I ordered my case of peppers and they arrived in no time at all!

Your are a great company and will always have a great referral from me and my family and friends who love your peppers!

Thank you again"

Diane radford, NJ

"Well I thought I had the best snack around at the Fire House as well on the Golf Course with the famous beef stick aka "Slim Jim", until I found out about Vega's Cherry Poppers and boy... I as well as the Firehouse are hooked..bye bye Slim Jims hello Vega's. If anyone has not had 1 of these things..Look Out. Be prepared! they are addicting and delicious :) .
I like the convenience of having each Cherry Pepper vacuumed sealed separately,as it keeps each one fresh and keeps a mess out of your hand and golf bag. I also love the fact that they have just enough spice to get you going and not overwhelming heat.
I recently placed an order for the box of 48 peppers online, within 4 days the order was processed and delivered to my front door. I cant find another company besides fire / rescue with that quick of a response and delivery. I had the pleasure of talking with Vice President of Vega's foods Dennis Christofaro about one of my orders. He was professional and extremely helpful with any questions I had with the order or product. It was extremely pleasant to be able to talk to the one in charge and know that any issue was being addressed."

Bob Bellinger

"We were very saddened to learn that BJ's Wholesale Club did not stock Vega Sliced Hot Cherry Peppers any longer.
Found the Vega Food Industries Inc. web site one day and was able to order online. We use the sliced peppers
in various recepies to help liven-up."

Joe G.

Amsterdam, NY

"When my local warehouse foods distributor stopped selling the Vega hot peppers in garlic and oil that I'd come to love, I was fortunate to find the Vega foods website where I could contact Vega Foods and order them directly. I called and was pleasantly surprised to find an actual person helping me and then further impressed to learn that this person was an owner/operator of the company and very helpful. I had my peppers in a matter of days. I don't know what I would have done otherwise because no other manufacturer offers a product that could even compare to the freshness and unique taste of these peppers. Everyone I share them with wants to know how they too can obtain them. Thank you Vega Foods! May you never stop making these peppers. "

Terri Bachlechner

"The web sight is easy to navigate through to and including checkout.
I found your product at a BJ's store in which they don't handle any more.
The owner of a company taking valuable time to talk to the consumer is a serious approach to doing good business."

Tom Orio

"I would lke to let you know that a friend of mine introduced me to your peppers and I've been ordering them through your wonderful website ever since. I always order at least three boxes of the individual wrapped peppers. One box I keep for my own then my freinds all eat the rest of them. I would highly recomend these to be tried by everyone because once you do you will be hooked. Also I have gotten the recipes from your awsome website and have used them in a dish for me and my lovely wife. Thank you so very much."

Dell Jones

Oswego NY

"Dennis I like your product so much that i have become a "mini-distributor" at my work place. I order the 12 pack 32 oz. Hot Cherry Peppers and we divide them up at work..."


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